I Have PCOS So That Explains

I have Poly Cystic  Ovary Syndrome and in the past two years of my diagnosis this means

  1. The  “I look pregnant” stomach I have for years can finally be explained…
  2. The pregnancy stomach I have conveniently holds up my breasts!
  3. I had one chin hair, but it came out fairly easily..
  4. Why my hairline was constantly receding..
  5. Why I binge on sugar without a second thought
  6. The sugar I binge on causes the androgens in my body to increase making me not only bald and fat, but super horny. So horny that I could practically hump the sofa.
  7. Why I can’t lose a fucking pound!
  8. Why I have mood swings!
  9. Why my period is damn near non-existent. And why I damn near pray every month for one!
  10. Why I lost an ovary (Ovary fused with a large cyst..bye bye ovary).
  11. Why I get super muscular super fast and everything leaves except my stomach!
  12. Why my weight fluctuates every single day! NO JOKE
  13. Why I can’t eat dairy, why I can’t eat non-organic chicken, why I can’t have white bread, sugar, white rice, bananas, pineapples, and anything that spikes up my blood sugar!
  14. Why I felt powerless for so long despite how much I worked out!
  15. Why my clear skin I’ve always had became oily with tons of cystic pimples.
  16. Why  I can no longer have caffeine.(Breakouts, Breakouts, Overactive Hormones!)
  17. Why I have to say goodbye to my one true love…Pasta
  18. Why I have fuller sideburns, thick hairy toe knuckles, and a beard in ass.
  19. Why I’m about to change my life and my diet because I’m sick of not being happy with the way my body feels, my hair looks, how my body fits in dresses, my lack of energy, etc.

******I’m so ready to change. My mind is in check, now it’s time for my body.*****

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