Finally Done With Emotionally Unavailable Men

woman in white sleeveless tops holding wine glass
Photo by bruce mars on

I feel like I’ve finally kicked my bad habit of emotionally unavailable men.  I spent roughly the past nine months sending them packing. From old lovers to potential ones, to even men I tried to be friends with.  If things don’t add up, you’ve gotta go.

I will not waste my valuable time and resources on men that don’t value me as anything besides someone who listens to their problems without them listening to mines, someone who wants to date me for the sake of dating me without getting to know me, someone who wants to sleep with me in between girlfriends or makes me unknowingly a side chick, or acts like their interested in me as anything when they’re really trying to pass time.

I’m done feeling lucky to be seen.  I’m done with it.  I wash my hands of it.

Because I’m a pretty dope person. I’m kind and friendly, I’m compassionate and patient, I’m reliable and adaptable. I’m a unique individual. I’m worth more than listed, but i REFUSE to allow my worth to be measured by what man desires me enough to want to STRING ME ALONG with EMPTY PROMISES AND FAUX SWOONS.

IN ONE MONTH I Will be 32 years old and I’m about to put the SING in Single.

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