I Was Just Robbed

Two Hours ago I was robbed and I have never felt more vulnerable and alone as a black woman in my life. Well, this was the second time I felt this vulnerable. I called the police four times and waited in the same area for an hour, just to be told that this would report may make it to an investigators desk. Asked me my DOB and address as if I was the suspect in question. And I was given a blue card and sent on my way.

I had spent most of my day in bed, and decided to finally take my ass to the gym. I stopped at target got a bottle of water and power walked my way on Nicollet Avenue as soon as I turned the corner I felt something heavy on head. I ran after the attacker and noticed they dropped their house keys and picked them up.

Here are my feelings.

  1. I was upset that I am more out of shape than I realized and couldn’t catch her.
  2. Everyone stared but very few offered any assistance
  3. I was devastated that the people who robbed me were black.
  4. I didn’t initially want to call the police because I didn’t think they would help me or they would harm the people who hurt me.
  5. I was angry that even when I gave the officer specific locations as to where I was they didn’t show up.
  6. I was getting stared at like crazy for standing in the same spot for over an hour.
  7. When the officers finally came they were of no use, I had to suggest to them there was camera footage from the businesses that saw me walking.
  8. I had no one to call to pick me up, no one to call to help me, no one to call to listen to me when I was afraid.
  9. I found myself looking at things differently, I had some anxiety about people coming from behind me, I noticed three others eyeing my coin purse on my hip. I saw things as not being safe in a place notorious for safety.
  10.  I felt angry at myself for ignoring my instinct something told me to take a different route to the gym, but I had wanted to go to Target to get a bottle of water.

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